Sisimpur’s eid Special episodes

Sisimpur’s 3 day EID Special episodes “ Let’s Have Fun on EID and Stay safe” will be telecasted on coming EID. Among the Bangladesh Television EID special programs these special Sisimpur program will be broadcasted on the EID day morning at 11:20 AM, on the second day and third day of EID at 11:25 AM.

It was informed through Sisimpur that the famous Sisimpur characters are participating in this program staying at their own houses. They are at homes due to Corona virus. Halum, Tuktuki and Ikri will talk about how to have fun even staying at home and how to accommodate the outside world into home.

In their imagination the walk in the parks, play with kites. They know when everything will be normal, it will be possible to go to “Bot Tola” again. Till then they will be singing staying at home and enjoy EID. But they also feel upset staying at home. These episodes include the activities they can do staying at home.

Halum and friends are following healthy habits to stay away from Corona Virus. They do not go out but if they need to go out for something emergency, they maintain social distancing. They must wear masks. They cover their mouths with elbow while sneezing and coughing. They take shower everyday with soap, do exercises and play at home and have sufficient sleep.

Despite all these if anyone gets ill, they know there is nothing to worry about. They can get cured by eating nutritious food and having proper rest as suggested by elders.

The Executive Director of Sisimpur Mohammad Shah Alam says that we need to be extra careful about children’s education and safety during the COVID 19 pandemic. This EID special program is designed in that way. Children’s favorite characters will inform them through entertainment about enjoying EID staying at home as well as keeping themselves safe.

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