Grameen Telecom provides Personal Protective Gear and and Safety Equipment

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Bangladesh, Grameen Telecom has been distributing personal protective gear and safety equipment to doctors, nurses and other health workers in hospitals and to members of various organizations engaged in coronavirus treatment. So far, protective equipment have been provided to more than 50 hospitals and institutions.

Al-Markazul Islami Bangladesh has been playing an important role during the coronavirus pandemic taking responsibility to perform kafan, janaza, and burial of those known or thought to have passed away due to coronavirus. The organization has been performing this duty with great commitment and devotion. At the same time, the role of ambulances in bringing patients to the hospital during the pandemic has been immense with ambulance drivers and associates play an important role. In order to support these institutions, Grameen Telecom has provided Al Markazul Islami Bangladesh 1,000 PPEs, 2,000 KN-95 masks, 250 protective goggles and 2, 000 hand gloves. Grameen Telecom has provided Dhaka Metropolitan Ambulance Owners Cooperative Society 2,000 PPEs.

To date, Grameen Telecom has provided 42,000 PPEs, 36,000 KN-95 masks, 160, 000 surgical masks, 5,000 protective goggles and 35,000 hand gloves to the members of various hospitals and organizations engaged in coronavirus treatment to ensure safety of frontline workers. Grameen Telecom shall continue this initiative till the coronavirus crisis is under control.

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