APPU certify ‘Nagad’ as the world’s fastest growing

Asia Pacific Postal Union (APPU), a regional body of thepostal departments of 32 member countries, today in an event highly appreciatedthe Bangladesh Postal Department’s financial initiative ‘Nagad’ and termed it asthe fastest growing Digital Financial Service (DFS) across the world.From the   event   some   of   the   member   countries   like   –   Australia,   Singapore,Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Iran and Solomon Island also showedtheir interest to replicate the same service in the respective countries.The   APPU’s   Postal   Financial   Service   working   group   has   organized   a   remotemeeting using a virtual platform where representatives from 32 member countrieshave participated and the appreciation for ‘Nagad’ came from that meeting.

Officials   of   the   postal   department   of   the   member   countries   overwhelminglyexpressed   their   appreciation   on   how   ‘Nagad’,   the   Digital   Financial   Service   ofBangladesh Post Office has become the second largest digital financial service ofthe country only within one and half year of its launch.

They   also   appreciated   the   private   public   partnership   model   and   also   Nagad’sgrowth trend.Participants said no doubt that ‘Nagad’ becomes  the role model for the APPUmember country’s postal department and other countries, also can be replicated torejuvenate their postal services.Sudhangshu   Shekhar   Bhadra,   Director   General   of   the   Postal   Directorate   ofBangladesh Post Office is the Chairman of the working group and moderated thesession. Executive Director of Nagad Md Shafayet Alam also attended the virtualevent.Lin Hongliang, Secretary General of APPU, was also present at the event andpraised Nagad’s growth trend.About this appreciation in an international platform Sudhangshu Shekhar Bhadrasaid, “Nagad really became a surprise for the member countries of the APPU andthey were very curious to know the model and I am quite sure that some of themwill derive to copy the service model for their survival.”“Nagad now became our pride not only in Bangladesh and in the internationalarena   and   I   am   quite   sure   that   those   days   will   come   when   people   will   useBangladesh and Nagad’s name as the example of the digital financial service,”Bhadra also said.

Press Release Managing   Director   of   Nagad,   Tanvir   Ahmad   Mishuk   said   “This   type   ofappreciation will definitely encourage us to extend our service quality further andour target is to serve as many possible citizens of the country and include them inthe regulator financial model.”“At   Nagad   we   feel   deeply   touched   to   have   uplifted   the   flag   of   our   belovedBangladesh in the international arena and showed them that Bangladesh’s is noless competent in any way,” Mishuk also added.Currently   there   are   15   financial   institutions   that   are   offering   digital   financialservice and of which ‘Nagad’ has achieved the second position only less than of its15 months journey. ‘Nagad’ has now also become the government’s first choice todisburse the government support to the citizens of the country.


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